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Delivery times & express service


Siebtronic’s standard delivery time is 2–3 working days after data approval.


If data is received before 17:00, delivery will be carried out on the next working day.


If data is received before 10:00 and approved by 12:00 (this can even be later if arranged by phone) delivery will be carried out on the same working day.


For urgent orders outside of office hours, please contact us on +43 (0)664 1418239 or +43 (0)664 5322286. Delivery will then be carried out on the same working day.

If you have a preferred delivery time, please let us know when submitting your order. (price as arranged)
OFFICE HOURS: Mon–Thu: 08:00 to 17:00 and Fri: 08:00 to 14:15


Stencils, fine blanking parts, cleaning agents and soldering material – reliably and securely packaged before being sent to you

SMD stencils and precision screens are fragile. We package these products with the appropriate care in returnable packaging (stencils) and in specially prepared transport cases (precision screens), before we send them on their way to you.

Your stencils, fine blanking parts, cleaning or soldering materials are usually sent out to you within two days or, if they are urgently required, you can request same-day delivery. You can also arrange a specific delivery time with us.

In exceptional cases, you can also contact us outside of office hours on +43 (0)664 1418239 or +43 (0)664 5322286.


Siebtronic offers an extensive layout design service using software that was specially developed for stencil production.

We call upon our 30 years of experience in electronics production from the data preparation stage onwards.

For problems such as tombstoning, or for help selecting a stencil thickness, we will be glad to provide you with further assistance.

However, special expertise is required to ensure the soldering paste ultimately ends up exactly where you want it – and our experienced and trained CAD/CAM specialists can provide just that!

Our CAD/CAM department offers you the following services:

  1. Pad reduction and enlargement
  2. Multi-panelisation
  3. Pad change (e.g. rounding)
  4. Turning or mirroring of layout
  5. Construction according to drawing
  1. Design rule check (according to IPC-7525A)
  2. Optimisation of anti-tombstoning
  3. Creation of glue point
  4. Insertion of doctor blades
  5. Construction using the PCB
  1. Pad optimisation for pin-in-paste application
  2. Creation of inspection data for paste
  3. Data archiving
  4. Advice on choosing the stencil thickness
  5. Construction of steps for stepped stencils

If you want to compare your original data with the pad modifications, Siebtronic will be happy to provide you with a check plot. 

Data archiving:
Your production data is archived and secured by us, ensuring that there is 100% traceability at all times.

We can work with the following formats:
Gerber Standard (RS-247-D), Gerber Extended (RS-247-X), Excellon, Sieb & Meyer, HPGL, Barco DPF, DXF, ODB++, EAGLE


Saving you time and money

Siebtronic has a customer warehouse where you can store your used frames free of charge.
The frames are cleaned, covered, checked for planarity and dimensional accuracy, and stored for further use.

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